Wonderful Opportunity

When I started writing I was writing with one goal, to share God’s love with as many people as possible. I started looking for other websites that accepted guest writers so I could share God’s love with more people.

I found a wonderful site called Faith and Gather (www.faithandgather.com) This is an excerpt from their site – Welcome to the sisterhood! We’re so glad you made it. What is Faith & GatherTM, you ask? It’s your fill up my cup and feed my soul safe space; a place where you can hang out with the girls and get faith-inspired by the Truth of God in every area of your life. 

I am so excited and honored to say that one of my articles was published on their website. It is an article on prayer and how to communicate with our Loving Father.

Here is the link directly to my article. https://faithandgather.com/thepowerofprayer/

The entire site is one that you should bookmark or even become a subscriber. It is a site that you can find food for your soul no matter the circumstances you are facing.

This picture is from their site.

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