In Him Alone

In Him Alone

Three small words. These words have been on my heart all week. I have read several devotions that speak on this lately.

Today I read the first day of “Girl, Read Your Bible” Devotion, and once again, these three words came to mind. The devotion was about how it is essential to make sure that we trust in God alone and let him be the sense of security, trust, and peace in our lives. She mentioned how it doesn’t have to be a bad thing that we put ahead of him; it can even be relationships.

This devotion was such an excellent reminder for me.

It can be easy to put our earthly relationships as our focus point instead of our relationship with God. We get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life; as daughters, moms, wives, employees, we can forget our main title ~ daughter of the one True King.

How do you grow relationships?

You spend time listening to and talking with that person. The same is true for our Heavenly Father. We must spend time in His word and praying to strengthen our relationship with our Father. We need to live out Psalm 37:4.

Delight yourself in the Lord. Psalm 37:4

According to Webster’s Dictionary, Delight means taking pleasure in something that gives you great satisfaction. 

We are to find our joy in the Lord, His ways, and His words. In doing this, we will grow in our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Please understand this doesn’t mean that we are not to work on our earthly relationships. We are to lean on God’s word to help us be the best daughter, mother, sister, friend, wife, and employee we can be. 

However, God alone should be our rock, shield, and strength. When we take delight in Him and let him solely be the Master of our lives, we can enjoy the relationships he gives us even more because we will see each relationship as a gift from God.

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