Message of Hope

A blank page, a mind full of thoughts, a heart yearning to hear from God.

He gave me a message this morning, a message of Hope and a future. 

Easter isn’t just to be celebrated today, but every day. 

His love surrounds us, gives us Hope for what is to come.

This world that we live in full of troubles, heartaches, and pain isn’t our home, 

One day our Savior is coming to wipe away the tears and defeat the enemy once and for all. 

However, while we are here, we must be the light to this world, 

Share His love with the hurting and lost people around us. 

Let them see that God’s grace is sufficient to help them overcome this world. 

We need to love like Jesus and be the light on the hill. 

Point people to that Old Rugged Cross where Jesus said, “It is finished.” 

Meaning our debt was paid in full. Salvation was ours for the asking.

We just have to reach out and believe.

Let your eyes move from that Cross to the Empty tomb. 

Where Jesus once and for all defeated death.

Death isn’t the end; it is the beginning of our life with our Creator.  

Oh, what a glorious day that will be. 

As we walk the streets of gold and worship our Lord and Savior. 

So hold on, friends, as the battle rages around you, we have 

an Anchor to hold on to, 

A Rock to stand on,

A Fortress to protect us,

Our Savior that died for us, provides all these things. 

So as we move past this Easter, let the Hope of the Resurrection fill you daily. 

Because He lives, we can face tomorrow!!

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