Learning to Listen

Active Listening

We talk to our children all the time about being active listeners. An active listener not only hears the words we say but understands what we say. Then follows through with actions that show us that they understood us.  How often are we active listeners to what God is saying to us? Yes, we say we want to hear from Him. However, as is the case with our children, sometimes we only listen to what we want. 

Hindrance to Hearing

What is stopping us from hearing God’s Word? Are we afraid to listen to His Voice? Do we have sin that needs confessing? Are we not liking what he says, so we act like we can’t hear? All these things can hinder us from hearing His Word.

We must clear our hearts and give God reign over our lives and be willing to say what Samuel said,  “Lord, I am your servant, ready to listen.” (I Samuel 3:10)

Hearing His Voice

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Lord would scream at us, “Hey, this is the way, this is the one, this is the job!”  However, he wants us to learn to discern his voice through the noises of life. One primary way to do that is through prayer and Bible Study. His voice can be loud, and while we would love Moses’ burning bush experience, most of the time, we need to listen for the whisper that the prophet Elijah heard on that mountain. 

To hear the message that our Father has for us, we must practice active listening. Prepare our hearts, meditate on His Word, and be ready and expecting to hear from our Lord.  

 Jeremiah 29:13 ~ You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.

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