Trusting God to be my GPS

Have you ever tried to outsmart your GPS? Yesterday while I was driving home, I think I aggravated my GPS. I typed in-home and let it find the “fastest path for me.” However, I didn’t want to follow the directions because I knew the path I wanted to take. So I did everything I could to try to make it take me the way I wanted to go.  Finally, I had to stop trying to get where I wanted without listening.  I had seen the buildings in the distance, or at least I thought I did. After several turns, I realized that my perspective was off, and the buildings that I was trying to get to were actually in a different direction.  So, I started listening to the GPS again and found my way safely home. 

It made me think about how many times we try to tell God, no, I don’t want to go that way. This way is so much better. It doesn’t have the dips, curves, or roadblocks in it. We try to go the path we want, and often we fall to our knees and end up still trying to crawl up the hill, complaining to God that he isn’t helping us. However, God is there, protecting us in the wrong turns we make, waiting for us to realize that He has the best path for us. 

I am so thankful that just like my GPS kept rerouting me that God does the same. He doesn’t leave us lost in the middle of the road without direction. He provides us with His Word and the Holy Spirit to guide us down the correct route. As Psalm 119:105 says, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light to my path.” All we have to do is turn to God and ask Him to direct our steps. 

Here is a prayer for you tonight if you feel like you have missed a turn in life and have lost your way.

Dear Lord, Forgive me for straying from your will. I thank you for always being my guide in this life. Lord forgive me when I don’t always follow the path that you have for me. Lord, I trust you and know that you will show me the way I should go. Lord, I trust you with my life and thank you for giving yours for me. Lord guide my steps as I move forward, help me stay on course for you. Help me see the roadblocks as your protection and grace. Lord, in Jesus’s Name, I  pray, Amen.

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