As the Leaves Fall

I wrote this two years ago today. I wanted to share it today. God speaks to me through so many things, nature is one of them.

The picture I accidentally took today made me think about the promises of God’s love!

As random as the leaves look in this picture God knew where each one would fall. Just like he knows how each part of our lives are going to play out.

As the leaves fell around me today I wandered why do the leaves have to fall? Why can’t all trees be evergreens? Can you imagine the world without the beauty of fall? I can’t!! I love Fall, but did you ever stop and think about the fact that the reason the leaves are falling or changing is because they can no longer be a part of the tree. There time together has passed. In order for the tree to be able to produce life in the Spring that part has to let go.

That is when it dawned on me, we so want our lives to be Evergreens – constant throughout the seasons. However it is during the Fall where the changes in life occur that add color to our life and help us grow stronger and more beautiful. Yes, the process of winter that follows hurts and is painful, unimaginable pain at times. However we need to trust and hold on to God’s promises through this time. He has us in his hands just like he knew where the leaves would fall he knows where and why our tears are falling.

So my friends if you find yourself in a fall or winter season hold on tight to GOD and his promises for a Spring of new life is coming your way soon.

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