Let your Light Shine

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered what people see when they look at you? Do they know the pain and heartache you are experiencing, the stress you feel, or do you hide that all under a facade of smiles and laughs to keep people from knowing the truth? Why do they need to know about all that? 

What if people saw all of that but also saw Jesus’s strength holding you up? What if it was during these times that they saw God’s light shine the brightest. 

I have to be honest; one of the reasons why I survived my darkest moments is because of other people’s example of trusting God through their hard times. I watched how their world seemed to fall apart around them, but their faith stood firm. I saw the pain, heartache, questions, and frustration they felt all get placed at God’s feet. They trusted God to help them pick up the pieces and continue forward. I knew that God could and would do the same for me, just as he had done many times before. 

We are to share His Light and Hope with others. Sometimes all people need to help them see the light is an example of God’s love. Be that example. Let your light shine into the world. 

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