Praising God Through the Storms

I need to express my gratitude to God for his love and presence, especially during the last month of my life. He has always been by my side, and I know beyond a doubt. However, there are times when you can genuinely pinpoint a specific moment when God showed up in a powerful way. I wanted to share that moment with you to encourage you that God is there no matter what you are facing.

One of the reasons I felt led to share is because I have been reading through the Book of Psalms and David’s cry out to God reminded me of my cry to God in the hospital’s waiting room the afternoon before my mom passed. We had just decided to remove the vent. I tried to help my dad understand that we weren’t making that choice; God said it was time. Her body had fought so hard. My heart broke while speaking those words because I wasn’t ready to let my mom go. I made the phone call to my aunts and uncles so that they could come and say their goodbyes. Then I went and fell to my knees in the waiting room and cried out to God for help. I was sobbing, asking Him to surround me with His love and peace. I couldn’t get off the floor. I was crying so hard. The next thing I knew, my mom’s fantastic nurse was wrapping me up in her arms, telling me that it was okay. I know that God sent that nurse to be the one on duty. He showed me love through that nurse. God hears our prayers, and He truly is close to the brokenhearted.

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