Living Water

Ever wonder why God uses water to describe himself?

Water is the one thing in life our body needs to live and maintain itself. Dehydration affects every organ of our body. It causes emotional, physical, and mental problems. Without it, our bodies will shut down and eventually die.

The same is true for our spiritual selves. We must have God’s love and mercy flowing through us. It also affects every aspect of our lives.

Psalms 1 tells us to meditate on His Word and be like a tree planted beside the waters. The tree is planted beside the waters so even in the dry season it will have what it needs. We plant ourselves in His word so even when life gets tough we will have what we need to survive.

3 thoughts on “Living Water

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I love the analogy in Psalm 1 of a flourishing tree and meditating on the Word.


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