Holding Hands with God

I love how God paints a beautiful picture of His love for us in Scripture. Today when I was reading Isaiah 41 I couldn’t help but pause and reread verse 13. 

When children get scared parents often reach out and hold their hands to comfort them. It is a way of saying, “I have you, don’t be scared. We will do this together. You are not alone.” The child while they may still feel scared will often let out a sigh of relief and find the courage to keep going knowing that their loved one is right beside them.

How wonderful is it that God has included this promise in His word? He is our Heavenly Father and knew that we would face things that will scare us. He promised that he will be there holding our hand through it all. We will still have to walk through them but our Father is beside us helping us have the strength to face whatever comes our way. 

So friend, next time you are facing something scary remember that God has already got your hand. Pause, take time to seek Him, and know that He will be with you every step you take.

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