Planting the Seeds of Truth

I started gardening after my mom died to honor her because she loved gardening so much. God has used it to talk to me a lot lately. This last time it was about seeds and how to plant them.

After planting my flowers, I discovered I was impatient and would go out every couple of days to see if anything had sprouted. Disappointment would sit in because, of course, nothing had grown. After all, it takes time for things to grow. 

Have you ever shared your testimony with someone and wanted to see changes in them instantly? Sometimes God uses us to plant a seed that many people will water before it grows. We must be faithful and share when God asks us to without expectations. We never know when the seed we plant will be the one thing that will help that person in the future. 

So friend, if you have shared your story and planted that seed but don’t see any growth take heart. Keep being faithful and share the love of Jesus with others whenever you can. We may never see the harvest on this side of Heaven, but God commanded us to “Go and make disciples” in the Great Commission, and the only way to do that is to plant the seed of truth in the hearts of others. 

Dear Lord, When we hear your call to share our stories, let us be willing to answer like Isaiah “Here I am! Send Me!” Lord, we may never see the outcome, but we know that you are faithful, and your word will not come back void. Lord, help us see the fields you would like us to plant. Please give us the courage to go forth and share the gospel with your people. In Jesus’s Name, we pray, Amen.

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