Faith In Action: My Mom’s Legacy

My mom was such an amazing walking testimony of Faith. She dealt with severe pain off and on for the last  5 years of her life. However, the major health issues were there for the last 12. She would pray constantly at times. There were times at the hospital when she would be half asleep and we would see her whispering to God. 

When she passed I was helping my dad go through her things. Inside her pocketbook, I found a slip of paper with the words Isaiah 65:24 written down. I looked up the verse and saw the words, “Before the call, I will answer. While they still speak I will hear” I had to smile because her key verse was played out over and over in her life. 

She trusted God to not only listen but to hear and respond to her prayers. He may not have always answered them the way she wanted, however, he always gave her the strength to continue. 

You may feel like you are drowning or you just keep stumbling off the path; if so hold tight to these promises. God is with us every step of the way. As Isaiah 65:24 says “Before they call I will answer.” He knows what our hearts need. We must wait and let Him give us the strength to persevere through the trials we face. So friend, whatever you are facing I pray that you let your heart rest in God and have faith that He is still in control. 

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