God’s Love is Patient

I just finished reading through the Old Testament with my ladies group at church. It was such an eye opener for me on how patient and pure God’s love is for us.

This is my first time reading thru the Old Testament. Chapter 9 of Nehemiah was so powerful for me. It summed up what I learned through the OT. It showed how patient and merciful our God truly is. I grew up listening to the wrath of God and how when Jesus came He brought peace and mercy. The Old Testament shows over and over how loving and caring our God is. He does everything to get our attention. He would perform miracles and give His people everything they would need only for them to eventually turn their backs, yet He never turned His back on them.

It saddens me that I have at times let complacency set in and not seek God’s direction in some areas. It is my prayer that as I move forward that I keep God’s love and mercy at the forefront of my mind and heart.

In the bad times, he is my refuge and shelter. In the good times, He is the wind beneath my wings helping me soar high like the eagle. So thankful for a Heavenly Father who loves and understands my heart and still loves me enough to keep calling me back when I stray.

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