Sweet Promises

I love the sweet promises in these verses. If we hold fast to Jesus and love His Word He will deliver us and protect us. When we call Him He will answer! Isn’t it wonderful that there are no busy signals when we call on God? He is always on time. We just have to remember that His timing is perfect.

He will be with us in times of trouble. This one speaks to my soul tonight. He will rescue us. We have a Loving Father who stands by our side through everything. It is important to remember that yes, He will rescue us but sometimes that looks different than we would want. It could mean that He will be beside us as we walk through the storm. Just like He was in the fire with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego He will be with us. We will walk through our storms protected.

Our God loves us. His promises are true. He will never leave not forsake us.

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